Cloud-Based Project Management

Get up and running in as little as one day!

​If you’re in need of a real project and portfolio management solution that is easy to use, and you need it NOW, we can help!

Innovative-e developed the concept of “Project Management On Your Terms™” (PMOYT), which turns project data into actionable, relevant and valuable information using YOUR processes, built on YOUR supported technologies, while maintaining an environment familiar to YOUR people.

By utilizing cloud-based platforms ​and software, pre-defined industry solution templates and reports, and our delivery and support methodologies, we partner with customers to accelerate:

  • Innovation – Your team can refine and automate PM processes to improve business outcomes.
  • Adoption – Resources, Project Managers, and Executives have the tools and support to get started quickly and stay engaged over time.
  • Visibility – Better decision-making at all levels as stakeholders clearly see relevant information.

Common pain points:

  • Managing projects via email and spreadsheets is not allowing for effective collaboration or reporting and adds to overhead.
  • IT is unable to support your initiative due to budget or resource constraints.
  • Your entire organization is not ready for a full scale PMIS, but your team, department, or group needs something now.

What can a cloud-based project management system do you for you?

  • Allow your team to get up and running with a PMIS solution in 1 to 30 days.
  • Provide the PPM expertise that ensures that your processes are integrated to your solution.
  • Gives management and executives the ability to view milestones and key project data.

What do you get with our solution?

  • A fully provisioned and configured environment specific to your organization’s needs
  • Customized reports and dashboards
  • Workshop based training
  • Support, maintenance, and software updates​

You can host your solution in a private cloud or on Microsoft Project Online​.

Cloud computing has proven to provide real (ROI and other) value to countless commercial and government organizations by

  • Increased business agility
  • Vastly shorter deployment times
  • Lower security and downtime risks
  • Lower operational and support costs

You can host your solution in a private cloud or on Microsoft Project Online​.

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