Custom Solution Workshops & Training

Innovative-e can deliver custom workshops and/or classes by one of our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for any Microsoft enterprise solution we’ve built for you. Innovative-e’s trainers are SMEs proficient with the technology, and will develop a curriculum designed specifically for your group focused on teaching your people how to best use the solution we have built for you to boost productivity and accelerate innovation, adoption, and visibility.

Common pain points

  • Users need to learn how to best use the solution Innovative-e has built
  • Online training resources are usually generic and broad and lack specific focus on your users’ needs

What can custom workshops or customized training do for you?

  • Get expert mentoring customized for your users and the solution you’ve implemented.
  • Increase user adoption of the solution you’ve purchased.
  •  Accelerate user productivity while they begin using the new/upgraded solution.

What do you get with customized workshops?

  • A SME will develop and lead a half-day session customized for your users.
  • Custom curriculum will focus on how on how your implementation works, processes that the implementation follows, and tips/tricks of using the tools.
  • Workshops aren’t like traditional training, but instead feature small-group discussion with and demonstrations for users, following a “show-and-tell” model.
  • Workshops can take place online or on-site.

What do you get with customized training?

  • A trainer will develop and lead a full- or multi-day class customized for your users and your implementation.
  • Custom training follows a traditional instructional training model and is a full class with a presentation lecture, class materials, exercises and artifacts, and follow-up discussion focused on bringing your users up to speed at the same level.
  • Training can take place online or on-site.

How do I know whether I need a workshop or training?

The Innovative-e team will meet with your team to determine the best way for you to learn how to use your implementation. We will recommend the best option for you when we discuss your solution, based on the solution you’ve chosen and the unique learning needs of your users.

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