Embedded Training Videos

Innovative-e has partnered with Point8020 to bring Just-In-Time Learning™ to you. Point8020 developed Just-In-Time Learning™ to give end-users on-demand how-to videos for the entire Microsoft productivity suite. Innovative-e embeds these videos in its AdeptaPM™ product, as well as in the custom solutions Innovative-e builds for its customers.

Common pain points

  • Users don’t know how to effectively use Microsoft productivity products
  • Training resources from elsewhere are too generic and hard-to-find

What can embedded Just-In-Time Learning™ do for you?

  • Get the latest, most up-to-date training for Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and more.
  • Increase user adoption of enterprise software.
  • Reduce training costs.
  • Accelerate user productivity while they begin using new/upgraded enterprise software.

What do you get with embedded Just-In-Time Learning™?

  • More than 1400 on-demand videos
  • Videos are context-sensitive and personalized for your users
  • Customizable and flexible platform to deliver the video content you need most
  • Usage insight
  • Affordability

Point8020's mission is to lower end-user training & support costs, and increase user adoption through our Just-in-Time Learning™ solutions. We offer proven and affordable solutions and services the entire Microsoft Productivity Suite. Our products deliver on-demand video training and context-sensitive help and are proven to cut training costs, reduce ongoing support costs, and drive adoption of enterprise software by your end users.

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