Executive Dashboards and Reporting

Many customers find that the out-of-the-box reporting and trending capabilities of Project Server and Project Online do not provide the information required for better decision making.  To that end, we’ve developed external data marts to facilitate more robust analytics, dashboards and overall Business Intelligence (BI).

What having Innovative-e build a reporting solution can do for you:

  • Faster, lower cost, and lower risk
  • Many customers enjoy 50%+ savings in cost over doing it themselves or using another partner
  • Development & Deployment time 1-3 weeks vs. 6-12 weeks

We already have the components:

  • Data mart architecture
  • Data feed processes
  • ETLs
  • Pre-defined reporting/dashboards

Interactive executive dashboard that normalizes data across all projects, programs, portfolios, and departments and surfaces project indicators currently and trending over time

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