Upgrade to Project Server 2013

Ready to make the move to Project Server 2013?  Though these projects are complex in nature, our many years of experience in migrating customers has led to a process that allows for complete visibility and control for you throughout the entire migration.  Once Project Server 2013 is set up, our Application Management and Organizational Adoption (AMOA) plans allow customers to continue receive support in those critical days and weeks past the implementation.

Common Pain Points

  • “No end in sight” – migrations that are unable to be completed on time and within budget
  • Finding the right time and resources to plan and execute a successful migration

What can an upgraded Project Server environment do for you?

A few of the new, noteworthy features in Project Sever 2013 include:

  • Improved user interface
  • Integration between Microsoft Exchange Server and Project Web App
  • Mobile access to project data
  • Enhanced BI Center and report availability

You can read a full list of the new features here.

Besides gaining access to the new features, having an updated version of Project Server ensures that you are gaining the most out of your productivity tools.

How do we do migrations?

The Innovative-e team will meet with your team to coordinate planning, understand requirements before planning a test migration, move into production and then provide further development and support.  For more details on our methodology and how you can get started.​

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