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Innovative-e and Microsoft PPM continuously deliver #AmazingPM to enhance the overall quality of life for a Tribal Nation | Innovative-e
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Innovative-e and Microsoft PPM continuously deliver #AmazingPM to enhance the overall quality of life for a Tribal Nation

A strong PMO makes strong IT even more powerful with Microsoft PPM

Executive Summary

An environment went from “just upgrading” to empowering every person in their organization to achieve more by using Innovative-e, Microsoft PPM, and Edison365 Projects. Risk was reduced, costs were lowered, and the People greatly rejoiced!

Mission: Enhance the quality of life for a Tribal Nation


A Tribal Nation’s Project Server 2010 licenses were set to expire, and some light housekeeping of the project management information system (PMIS) environment was wanted, so the Nation’s PMO brought in Innovative-e to upgrade PMIS to Project Server 2013.


Prior to Innovative-e’s arrival on site, there was a limited vision for the original PMIS, people were unsure how to use what they already had, and the PMO faced reluctance to embrace technology in ways that hadn’t been used before.


The worst risk was made real three weeks after the Project Server 2013 upgrade completed, when a SAN disk failed and cost the Nation significant effort and time to recover.


Innovative-e helped with the recovery to bring the system back up after the outage using OOTB templates and historical resources. Innovative-e used the opportunity to implement new design features to expand system capabilities.


Edison365 Projects was put in place to increase system adoption & productive use with OOTB configuration first whenever possible. Microsoft PPM was put in place to reduce infrastructure cost to the Nation.

Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

Today, the Tribal Nation PMO has 200 seats and looks to expand across the enterprise by year’s end. Project & program managers have better control over projects and programs, executives have better visibility into portfolios, and team members have better team collaboration and individual adoption of the system.


Project Management uniformity and standardization is now helping stakeholders see and interpret information at a glance thus making timely decisions that optimize project outcomes, save millions of dollars annually, and decrease time to market for key initiatives. These benefits enhance the Tribal Nation people’s quality of life.

Costs in Year 1 include the services costs to migrate the environment, and still the costs were cut in half the first year by moving to Microsoft PPM. Once up and running, the system is expected to cost 1/4 the original solution to operate.

I used to think of Project as a means to an end, as just a tool. Now I look at Project as a total solution
Tribal Department of Commerce Program Management Office Program Manager