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Edison365 Businesscase | Innovative-e
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Edison365 Businesscase

Improve your business agility by building better business cases

Now more than ever, business agility is critical.


The pace of business has changed and continues to accelerate. You must have a vision in order to choose the right projects to pursue, and you need fast approval and funding of those projects to keep up with the demands of the marketplace. In order to engage the right people to support the projects you find important, it’s crucial you have the ability to build effective business cases.


  • Is the process of completing your project business cases overly complex, inefficient or cumbersome?
  • Does it take too long to get them reviewed, scored, and approved?
  • Does your organization use a combination of somewhat disparate artifacts (documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) to work through the process?

edison365businesscase is the tool to help you answer all of these challenges.

Why edison365businesscase

Innovative-e is proud to be the first and only US partner offering edison365businesscase to help you create more effective business cases. edison365businesscase is built on top of your existing Office365 platform to provide a customizable UI that works across multiple devices. Though edison365businesscase works well on its own, it also integrates seamlessly with other edison365 products, like edison365ideas and edison365projects, providing users with the same look and feel and sharing metadata with other products in the edison365 suite.


Realign your thinking around business cases and consider a better way.  Consider the following goals for improving business case effectiveness and efficiency:

  • Create visibility into exactly who is responsible for which step
  • Build a more consistent method
  • Streamline and automate the process


Conquer the challenges of completing business cases and achieve your desired outcomes to improve your business agility. Contact us at for a no-strings-attached demo or to try out edison365businesscase risk-free.