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Siemens Energy and Automation | Innovative-e
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Siemens Energy and Automation

Leading Electronics and Engineering Firm Improves Event Marketing and Customer Satisfaction With Custom SharePoint Solution


Siemens Energy and Automation launched “Siemens Industrial – Promote, Educate, Convert” (SIPEC) to manage the company’s educational and hands-on seminars, lunch and learns, workshops and special events, which are developed by the Discrete Automation Business Unit within the Automation and Motion Division. The number of attendees quickly grew to more than 6,000.

Partially automated and manual systems had been built over time to help, but these tools and processes were no longer adequate for governing such a large, complex program. In addition, an increasing number of personnel were needed to maintain the program as it continued to grow. In order to continue the marketing program, Siemens was in need of a web-based management system that would increase efficiency and reduce the number of personnel necessary to run the program.


To successfully run the SIPEC program, Siemens needed to:

  • Reduce the amount of manual data entry
  • Eliminate duplicate tasks
  • Prevent data inconsistencies
  • Make DVD information available online
  • Improve logistics to reduce shipping costs
  • Enhance utilization of training assets
  • Decrease the amount of “phantom attendees”
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Increase attendance


Innovative-e, Inc. worked closely with Siemens to develop a custom management system using out-of-the-box Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 and ASP.NET. The new web-based system also included customized SharePoint interface to ensure that all external components maintained consistent branding.

The Online Event Management System features numerous capabilities including multiple user roles, real-time content management, single-point-of-entry access, streamlined event request processing, online registration and private channel partner sites. In addition, custom workflow integration provides the following functionalities:

  • Alerts and reminder notifications
  • Equipment tracking tool to improve logistics
  • ​​​Promotional tracker tool to track marketing efforts
  • Regional event calendars for authorized users to view events and add internal Siemens events
  • Automatic email invitations
  • Integration with on demand webinar program
  • Online regional newsletter to provide visibility of events in specific regions
  • Extended search features to search by date, location and host company
  • Internal reporting capabilities


By implementing the Online Event Management System using SharePoint, Siemens Energy and Automation experienced the following benefits:

  • Increased ability to quickly roll out programs or update existing events
  • Increased customer attendance (estimated to be 10,000 to 12,000 for calendar year 2009)
  • Reduced amount of manual/duplicate data entry
  • Reduced time and resources necessary to manage the program
  • Increased distributor participation and event hosting
  • Improved customer experience due to user-friendly registration process
  • Increased access to program content online
  • Reduced data inconsistencies due to speedy upload of event content online instead of DVDs
  • Decreased number of distributors and customers receiving unearned incentives
  • Increased ability to capture leads