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Maximize Government Projects in the Cloud - 3 Keys to Success | Innovative-e
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Maximize Government Projects in the Cloud – 3 Keys to Success

Are you a project manager working for or with a government agency who needs a project management information system, but whose current system is underused, under-developed, or non-existent?

Innovative-e wants to show you how to pull your project management information system into shape quickly so you can begin achieving  quick initial wins and build momentum with sustainable adoption techniques. Using Microsoft Project Online and building your Project Management Information System (PMIS) either in the cloud or on-prem, your organization can swiftly begin seeing ROI and drive toward a deeper level of project management maturity that will further increase your ROI and streamline your operations.

Why should I implement a PMIS?

First of all, it’s helpful to know what a Project Management Information System (PMIS) is. A PMIS is the framework that measures how successful a project is, and provides structured access to the information necessary to monitor and control the project. A strong PMIS provides managers and team members visibility into the planning of the project and allows them to keep their fingers on the pulse of the project throughout its life cycle. Using a PMIS to manage your projects will help managers keep budgets and resources in check, allows managers and stakeholders define processes that will help streamline the project, enables stakeholders to collaborate more effectively on the project, and provides executives reporting and metrics to measure the success of a project.


Innovative-e has a decade of experience helping organizations build  a PMIS tailored to address the specific challenges and pain points they face when managing projects or a portfolio of projects.

Read how Innovative-e helped the US EPA double project management maturity, improve scheduling accuracy by as much as 50%, and save up to $1.9 million

What are the common challenges that crop up in project management?

The reality of project management today is that within organizations, there are varying degrees of project management maturity; There are often disparate technologies across the same organization, processes are sometimes left undefined and Line Of Business (LOB) applications need to be integrated into the PMIS.


Two of the biggest challenges for project managers are maintaining control of the project and providing visibility to pertinent members of the team, including managers, team members and executives. Utilizing a PMIS can help tame the challenges of managing a project by ensuring that all the information necessary for managers and team members is available in one location accessible to all those who need it.


Using Microsoft Project Online as the basis for your PMIS will give you, the project manager, greater control over the project by allowing you to organize resources and maintain the scope and budget of your project more efficiently than sharing information in a haphazard, disorganized manner with multiple tools in various locations. Failure to organize your project on a centralized platform can lead to pertinent people being left out of the loop, critical information being overlooked and a loss of control over your budget, resources, and other vital elements of a successful project.


Ensuring visibility into the status of your project is a fundamental requirement of a successful project and a challenge project managers often face. Team members need to be able to collaborate using a platform that ensures that all relevant project stakeholders have access to the information that will allow them to perform their roles most effectively and stay on track with the project. Executives also need to have visibility into the project so that they can monitor its effectiveness and measure its success. Project managers don’t have to be told how important executive buy-in is for your project’s success. Having the tools to provide visibility into your project to anyone who needs it at any stage of the project lifecycle is critical to both the short-term and long-term success of your project.

Where should I build my PMIS?

Microsoft Project Online is a cloud-based project management solution. Utilizing a cloud solution can reduce your capital investment, setup costs and monthly services, adding up to big savings down the road for your project.


While cloud services are no longer new and untested, government agencies often require more security for cloud solutions. For that reason, FedRAMP (the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. In support of this initiative, Innovative-e is poised to provide a private cloud solution in support of the governments’ requirement to ensure effective security of cloud solutions. Innovative-e has developed a scenario-specific data engine/dashboard designed to work with Microsoft Project Online in a private cloud compliant with FedRAMP. This dashboard is designed to help project managers maintain control of their project and provide visibility to all relevant stakeholders.


If you don’t think the Microsoft public cloud or a private cloud solutions will work for your organization, an on-premise solution is available. Of course, you can always have your internal IT department do it, but a managed on-premise solution can reduce setup and monthly labor costs and deliver organizational savings.

The three keys to success

  • Get started quickly! Don’t get bogged down in a long cycle of planning to plan. Innovative-e can help you get your project management solution up and running quickly while still planning for a long-term scalable, sustainable solution.
  • Focus and gain initial wins. Initial wins will not only improve your efficiency and success early, they will also help you build excitement and momentum for down-the-road project management success.
  • Build momentum with sustainable adoption techniques. Solution success depends on its sustainability. If no one is using your PMIS, it isn’t effective at all, so it is important to ensure that whatever solution you implement is something that stakeholders will use for the duration of the project.

How do I get started?

Innovative-e has the expertise and tools to help you streamline your project management focus and lock in initial wins using your existing people, processes, and technology with Project Management On Your Terms™. PMOYT is designed to let us work closely with you to deliver a solution that is based on your needs no matter what level of project management maturity your organization has achieved. PMOYT lets us turn your project data into actionable, relevant, and valuable information using your processes, built on your IT-supported technologies, while maintaining an environment familiar to your people to foster widespread and sustainable adoption of your project management solution.


PMOYT for Government focuses on dashboarding that complies with government regulations and mandates and addresses problems unique to project management within the public sector.

Innovative-e can take several approaches to help you improve your project management situation:

Innovative-e Quickstart

Get Microsoft Project Online configured and up and running. This includes provisioning necessary environments, basic configuration, and one to three reports for visibility, as well as workshop training.

Assessment and Roadmap

Gain long-term, strategic vision for your organization and the technology needed to implement a workable solution for your organization. This is a high-level assessment and plan to show you how that implementation will address the needs identified in the assessment.

Customized PMIS

Let Innovative-e build a PMIS for you that addresses the particular needs of your department or organization.

Application Management and Organizational Adoption (AMOA)

Innovative-e provides ongoing PMIS support based on your priorities and the phases of the implementation.