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Outage HawkTM



Outage Hawk is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that helps users plan, coordinate, and execute the simplest to the most complex outages that they may face. Outage Hawk™ does this by providing users with the ability to make more real-time decisions about maintenance and capex outage projects.

  • Make better informed decisions
  • Gain improved visibility
  • Maximize adoption
We’re very excited to share Outage Hawk™ with the manufacturing and heavy industry community. This toolset brings tremendous value to organizations who need to plan and manage scheduled outages. We want to help our customers increase their efficiency, stay on-schedule, and save millions of dollars, and Outage Hawk™ will do that for them like no solution has before.
Mike Taylor, CEO & President, Innovative-e

Outage Hawk™ was designed to help plant managers and project managers in any heavy manufacturing or industrial organization (such as pulp and paper plants, power plants, chemical companies, etc.) plan:

  • Annual plant repairs
  • Annual plant maintenance outages
  • Annual plant refurbishment
  • Critical equipment repair outages
  • Planned downtime
  • Planned plant upgrades

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Outage Hawk Dashboard

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Innovative-e’s experience providing solutions for manufacturing and heavy industry customers gives us the knowledge to build an app that will address problems unique to planning and maintaining a scheduled outage.


Outage Hawk™ provides tools for greater visibility and insights into planned outages, better and more informed decisions, and an ease-of-use that ensures usability and adoption for the people who are using the tool.


Outage Hawk™ features an interactive dashboard that helps executives, project managers, and line managers get a clear picture of what is happening during the planned outage operation. Data within the tool is closer to real-time, allowing for better decision-making based more closely on accurate data than on the “gut feelings” of managers. Simple data entry, focused navigation, and role-based job aids make Outage Hawk™ easier to use, which means that people will adopt using the tool.


Outage Hawk™ increases efficiency by enabling executives to make informed, proactive decisions and manage by exception. Project teams are empowered to provide solutions, rather than discoveries, during team meetings. Supervisors spend less time behind a desk quashing problems and more time on the floor overseeing their operations. Outage Hawk™ delivers value by helping heavy industry and manufacturing customers come in on-schedule and under budget by millions of dollars on their planned outage projects.

Outage Hawk™:

  • Make more informed decisions
  • Get clearer insights with better visibility
  • Maximize adoption
  • Increase efficiency
  • Scheduled outages that are on-schedule and under budget

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