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Mike Taylor | CEO Innovative-e


2022 Finalist

Project & Portfolio Management, Customer Experience


2021 Finalist

Project & Portfolio Management


2020 MSUS Award Winner

Project & Portfolio Management


2019 Finalist

Project & Portfolio Management

Seven-time Award-Winning Microsoft Partner
A Proven Formula for Elevating Businesses To New Heights.

  • Plan
  • Build
  • Grow
  • Optimize

Planning Phase

Business Case. Plan. Budget.

During this phase, an assessment helps customers gain an understanding of the effort and costs to optimize platform and implement initial Value Point Projects (VPPs). This information helps inform their business case(s) for the optimization and modernization initial projects and journey.

Key steps include:

  1. A clear definition of customer key goals/objectives for modernization
  2. A better understanding of existing state of people, processes, and technologies
  3. A co-developed organized, prioritized, and achievable roadmap including initial platform optimization
  4. First phase high-level budgetary time, objectives, and cost estimates for included Value Point Projects (VPPs)
Project Planning

Building Phase

Implementation. Go-Live.

We employ a proven strateg yfor applying professional services to implement technology while maximizing adoption and change management. Key steps:

Step 1 –Establishing a Foundation: Deploy a base installation of core solution technologies quickly & efficiently. Empower key personnel to start using the solution.

Step 2 - Enabling Processes: Focus on evolving business needs and priorities organized into a roadmap of individual Value Point Projects (VPPs). VPPs are carefully selected and prioritized to prove value with minimal risk to each.

Step 3 –Proximal Progress: Empower internal-customer champions who become experts and, in turn assist their user community.Coupled with targeted training & support, this organizational change management approach provides responsive help and advice thereby increasing adoption.


Project Building

Growth Phase

Sustain. Adopt. Enhance.

Growing a solution requires on going care and feeding of the technology, people, and process. Our Success Management & Sustainment Services (SMSS) is designed to address continuously evolving technology needs to maximize ongoing business value. SMSS engages customer champions, accelerates user-community readiness, and streamlines change management.

SMSS is a partnership between Innovative-e and the customer where the customer is the ultimate decision maker. SMSS combines fixed-fee predetermined monthly recurring activities with a flexible, pre-budgeted, rate-based elastic services amount.

Growth Phase

Optimization Phase

ALM Model. Dedicated Team

The managed services approach for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) provides dedicated resources to focus on solution/product ongoing development and enhancement. The advantage of this approach over individual SOW based engagements is threefold:

  • Resource knowledge retention making each resource more efficient
  • Application of software development dedicated team (aka agile) practices to optimize feature/functionality delivery throughput
  • Lower management andcontracting overhead

Customers leveraging this model realize a larger body of work completed for a given timeframe vs the same spend on SOW based engagements.

Optimization Phase

Transform Project Management
With AI solutions.

High performing organizations see better results than their contemporaries and have more satisfied employees. This book clarifies this unique point in history where key technologies like AI, collaboration platforms, and low code development have converged to transform project and work management and provides practical strategies for seizing this moment to become a higher performing organization with happier people.


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Unifying Project & Work Management in the Microsoft Platform


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Data Driven Outcomes
with Microsoft & Teams4PM.

Chris Harrington, CTO of Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union, and Greg Young, VP of Strategic Projects & Facilities, share their successes working with Innovative-e to leverage Teams4PM in their organization, improving their project management and PPM.


"We've seen a tremendous efficiency by eliminating redundant processes and manual tasks allowing us to be more competitive in the marketplace and efficient for our customers"

Brandon Thomas | CEO GMG Envirosafe

Meet Our Leadership Team


Mike Taylor


Mike is the Founder and CEO of Innovative-e and DigiOps, both Microsoft-centric companies.

Mike began his career writing PPM software for NASA and has extensive experience as a PPM practitioner, community contributor/writer, and process & app producer

Released “The AI Project and Work Management Revolution is Here!” book on Kindle, January 31, 2024

Mike lives in his hometown of Merritt Island, FL

Matt Froelich

Matt Froelich, PMP, MBA

VP Project and Work Engineering

Matt has over 20 years building and managing project and work management software products, services, and solutions

Matt began his career as a game producer for VGT and has been implementing and building project management solutions and has been with Innovative-e for over 11years

Contributor to the book “The AI Project and Work Management Revolution is Here!” book released January 2024.

Matt lives in the Austin Metro area of Texas

Ruwan Fernando

Ruwan Fernando

CTO & Managing Director, Development

Ruwan has over 24 years building and managing software products and enterprise applications.

Ruwan began his career with Virtusa and quickly rose from developer, to lead, to managing teams. He has been with Innovative-e for over 18 years.

Ruwan lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Bryan Quick

Bryan Quick

Sr. Director, Sales

Bryan is the Director of Business Development and has been with Innovative-e for over 4 years.

Bryan is a Microsoft alum of 7 years having previously managed the Microsoft Project business for US Financial Services and Midwest accounts.

Clint Pitman

Clint Pitman

Sr. Director, Delivery

Clint provides a unique perspective on opportunity and delivery management, honed from a career spanning consulting, software developer, project manager, Director of PMO and Director of Strategy and Planning.

He has approximately 25 years of experience in Portfolio, Program, Project and Operations Management and Software Development in both traditional and Agile delivery environments.

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