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Deployment & Migrations | Innovative-e
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Deployment & Migrations

What can Innovative-e’s migration services and solutions do for you?

Have your project management tools become outdated, leaving you to address today’s PM pain points with technology that no longer meets your organization’s demands? Whether you are looking to modernize your current technology, or you wish to upgrade to the latest Microsoft Planner with premium features, Innovative-e can implement a migration solution or service that will bring your PM team back to the bleeding edge of PM technologies.


Innovative-e prefers to take a three-step approach to migration solutions, wherein we take a first foundational step, and then deploy a second enablement phase to refine and add features. This second step is iterative and lets us tailor our recommendations to address your particular PM needs. The third step fosters adoption of your solution and focuses on providing you with the desired level of sustainment and growth.

Deployments and Migrations

Born in the Cloud

Innovative-e can help you deploy new technology so that you are working with the latest top-of-the-line software to manage your PMO efficiently. We will help you implement a solution that addresses the particular needs of your team and portfolio.

Lift and Shift

If you’re using Project online or Project Server, Innovative-e will evaluate how you’re currently using the tool and recommend a strategy for moving forward. This gives you the benefits of shifting maintenance risks from in-house to Microsoft, and lets you leverage cloud features while preserving a similar look and feel that you and your team are accustomed to.

Lift and Shift plus Enhancements

This is similar to Lift and Shift, but upgrades your Microsoft Project version to give you the full range of the advantages of the cloud and upgraded features available in newer versions of Microsoft Project.

Why should you migrate?

  • Upgrade old, no-longer-supported versions of Microsoft Project and always have the latest version with the newest features and greater feature functionality
  • In the cloud, get seamless, instant and constant updates to your PM software and experience minimal downtime while upgrading
  • Migrating to a cross-platform solution in the cloud gives you the freedom to work anywhere using any device
  • Project Management software is less expensive and involves less overhead in the cloud than an on-prem solution, and less IT support
  • You are already using Office 365; bringing your project portfolio to the cloud alongside your other productivity software on Office 365 lets all your software exist and play together on the same plane

Why Innovative-e for migration?

Once your PMIS is on its new platform, Innovative-e offers a solid 3-step approach and the right tools – like Teams4PM and Microsoft’s robust Business Intelligence (BI) tools – to ensure that you’re optimizing the value and ROI to your organization.

Innovative-e has more than a decade of experience enabling our customers with the best implementation to suit their specific business needs. Taking an iterative approach that lays a solid foundation and then refines the solution to directly address and resolve our customers’ pain points is the key to our years of success and long-lasting relationships with our customers.


Beyond experience, Innovative-e comes equipped with the right tools to help you implement lasting PM solutions that will enable you to meet your business goals. Innovative-e has partnered with Microsoft and other companies to assemble a suite of products and add-ons, like Teams4PM that will improve and enhance your ongoing user experience with the PM tools now in your arsenal.