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Adoption & Sustainment (CSM & AMOA) | Innovative-e
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Adoption & Sustainment (CSM & AMOA)


Innovative-e offers a Customer Success Management (CSM) & Adoption solution that provides immediate, hands-on mentoring and support for your organization’s Project Management Information System (PMIS) investment. A CSM subscription offers a special blend of customer control and support from our experts that gives you the benefits of informed control of your PMIS, with a built-in safety net should issues arise.

CSM provides you a way to take supported control of your project management information system (PMIS) in six key functional areas. With a CSM subscription partnership, you take ownership of day-to-day, non-emergent PMIS functions involving decision-making, control and general operation of your PMIS. We provide you the security of our expert guidance for high-level and technical aspects of maintaining an effective PMIS, providing you a safety net in the operation of yours.


The goal of a CSM subscription is to establish a partnership with customer personnel to:

  • Proactively manage and administer the PMIS
  • Promote system adoption to achieve the intended benefits of the PMIS
  • Facilitate implementation of technology work streams with a favorable impact on the customer’s business

Ultimately, Innovative-e wants to help you build and maintain a PMIS on a solid foundation, and then train you on how to effectively use, manage and maintain the PMIS to reach your business goals, building to your desired level of self-sufficiency in sustaining your PMIS.

The CSM experience is not one-size-fits-all. It is tailored to the specific needs of each customer, so in the course of designing, enhancing or maintaining your PMIS, you will derive the benefits of our years of expertise to address your pain points and best leverage your technology and people to achieve your organizational goals.

Customer success management


If you need even more help beyond what is offered with a CSM subscription, we have an AMOA (Application Management and Ongoing Adoption) offering that will extend your CSM service and give you an even more efficient way to engage for additional work product and support within the classes of service. AMOA provides critical/timely support for emergent issues, backlog/roadmap work, and work outside of the scope of the CSM. If you have issues with your PMIS, we can step in with fast and efficient resolution. This lets you respond to changing business needs in a cost-effective manner with the help of industry-leading experts in project management.