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Assessment and Roadmap | Innovative-e
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Assessment and Roadmap

Your success in implementing a Project Management Information System (PMIS) hinges on your ability to align strategic needs with the readiness of your staff surrounding existing processes and technology. Innovative-e has developed a tried-and-true methodology to ensure your projects get off on the right track from the beginning. Innovative-e’s assessment and roadmap is designed for department and enterprise clients with a high level of technology, organizational complexity, and specific business scenarios, providing you with the structure you need to kick off your PMIS with confidence.

The assessment is the first step, as it identifies an organization’s higher priority needs and pain points and demonstrates how SharePoint and/or Project Server can address those specific needs. The roadmap outlines how to implement and roll out a plan to address the needs identified in the assessment. The roadmap is not a full requirements and design exercise, but is an overview enabling Innovative-e to provide you a level of effort/cost estimate with a greater degree of confidence.

The Innovative-e team is the best I’ve seen when it comes to understanding our business and modeling in our various business processes
Philip Brashear
System Director of Change and Project Management  


  • No cohesive decision on how to proceed – different departments and stakeholders want different things
  • Unable to leverage the high degree of investment in existing technology, applications, and platforms to meet the users’ varying needs, ultimately minimizing return on investment


  • Considers your organizational culture, business processes, adoption, and how your IT department will support such changes.
  • Focuses on solutions and fixes that give you the biggest bang for the buck, rolling out foundational technology and processes first.
  • Identifies specific solutions that need to be addressed. This will show you in which order you should address them.
  • Provides more detailed plan in the short-term and becomes more general and high-level in the long term.
  • Transforms project data into actionable, relevant, valuable information using your existing people, processes, and technology.


  • Identify business needs
    • Pre-onsite discussions and review of previously provided information and existing organizational structure
    • Clarify and deepen Innovative-e’s understanding of the current initiative and future plans
  • Conduct 1-2 days onsite requirements elicitation which includes:
    • Exploring the current business needs and processes with a maximum of four business groups – Innovative-e anticipates that three of these groups will be:
      • Engineering
      • IT/Process
      • Infrastructure
      • Others as needed
    • Engaging with key stakeholder team (to understand and assess existing Microsoft-related technologies)
  • Assess and prioritize business needs
    • Align business needs to Project Server capabilities and organizational change management impact
  • Deliver Assessment and Roadmap whitepaper, which includes:
    • Analysis and prioritized recommendations for organizational SharePoint or Project Management initiatives for the next 12 months
    • Provide high-level analysis/plan of work breakdown, effort, and resources needed to execute implementation, including items such as implementation,initial and future phase customizations,ongoing application management,consultative support, etc.

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